Anime Boston

April 27, 2011

anime boston 2011 - domo versus red riding hood cosplay
Oh hey. Anime Boston 2011. Convention was held at the Sheraton / Hynes Convention Center in metro Boston. This was my first anime convention and I was blown away by the sheer creativity and enthusiasm. Aside from what seemed like 5 miles of walking and navigating through extremely dense throngs of people, the most fascinating part of this experience was hands down the costumes that people wore. We’re talking full riot gear, i’ve-been-making-this-costume-for-over-a-year, decked out to the max.

I took photos! Lots. I had some technical difficulties in the form of dead batteries and at one point had to resort to iphone snaps– But I feel the need to release these to the vast great internet anyway, because it’s amazing what people are making and doing.

anime boston convention 2011 As you can see, pacman prefers the escalator. This guy on the left had the best costume hands down. not quite sure how he walked around in this all day, but mighty impressive, nonetheless.

anime boston convention 2011 colorful cosplay wig displays The vendor market was full of graphic novels, kawaii / cute imported trinkets and plushies and a wig to match every cosplay kitten outfit you have stashed in your secret closet.

anime boston 2011 Folks in full garb were really nice and always willing to stop and strike a pose for a photo op.

anime boston shopping ninja A ninja does some casual window shopping. I think the dichotomy between costumed characters and folks in regular street clothes is super interesting.

anime boston royalty
Anime royalty. Lots of princesses walking around, this particular group had such amazing attention to detail with their costumes. The props were so well done!

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