Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m an artist with entrepreneurial sensibilities. I am currently living in Rochester, New Hampshire. I started out on a fine arts college path and ended with a degree in graphic design in 2005. Along the way I was lucky enough to try a bit of everything from illustration & oil painting, to printmaking & photography. Fresh out of college, I spent some time working professionally as a graphic designer in a sign shop & a motocross outfit. I was only out of college for a little less than two years before I took the leap (dive?) into self employment. It’s probably definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.

I try to keep one foot on either side of the art & design divide. I don’t believe in limiting oneself to a certain medium and truly believe that art in all forms is subjective. That’s really the beautiful part about it, however. I spend a excessive amount of time making things or thinking about making things. Creativity is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Michelle Christina


Currently the blog is in a hybrid state – comprised of photos, journal entries, occasional updates & bits of inspiration collected for around the web. I haven’t quite decided where I’m going with it, but I figured it’s better to just start and see what happens.

I love collaborative projects – if you’re an artist / small business / person with exciting ideas, then let’s talk.