Helter Swelter

July 23, 2011

Heat wave, anyone? Yeah, feels like we are knee deep into summer.
I’ve amassed a small collection of photos from the first half of summer, see below for a few highlights.

white mountains nh sunset photo by michelle christina This insanely brilliant sunset was snapped on the way to the White Mountains for a last minute camping trip.

colorful beach umbrella photo by michelle christina
A colorful beach umbrella.

no shark fishing photo by michellechristina You can swim here, but absolutely no shark fishing. This unsettling piece of signage was snapped on Tybee Island, while on a June trip to Savannah, Georgia.

mushroom nature photo by michelle christina Some small details noticed while traipsing through the woods.

fireworks dover new hampshire And of course, fireworks set off in Dover, NH. Fireworks are the hardest phenomenon to capture on camera.


The Hen – Watercolor Sketch & Process Shots

July 22, 2011
chicken watercolor painting by how to paint step 3

A newish watercolor sketch and a few process shots.

hen watercolor painting - drawing First step, pencil sketch (chicken scratch?)

hen watercolor painting by how to paint step 2 Laying down watercolor paint. I purchased a new set of watercolors recently that I’ve been beyond happy with. Highly pigmented, affordable & in pans! I have a fairly strong dislike for watercolor paint in tubes.

chicken watercolor painting by how to paint step 3 More layers of paint.

hen watercolor painting by NH artist michelle christina A close up. I used a bit of colored pencil, the paper lends an interesting texture.

chicken watercolor painting by NH artist michelle christina The final piece, approx 8.5″x11″


New Hampshire In Bloom

May 18, 2011

spring flowers by michelle christina

Before the unending rain and grey that has accompanied the last week or so, there was a beautiful stretch of warm weather & many vibrant spring blooms to be seen. The following photos are a few highlights from a multitude of walks through downtown Dover, NH and nearby parks.

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Anime Boston

April 27, 2011

anime boston 2011 - domo versus red riding hood cosplay
Oh hey. Anime Boston 2011. Convention was held at the Sheraton / Hynes Convention Center in metro Boston. This was my first anime convention and I was blown away by the sheer creativity and enthusiasm. Aside from what seemed like 5 miles of walking and navigating through extremely dense throngs of people, the most fascinating part of this experience was hands down the costumes that people wore. We’re talking full riot gear, i’ve-been-making-this-costume-for-over-a-year, decked out to the max.

I took photos! Lots. I had some technical difficulties in the form of dead batteries and at one point had to resort to iphone snaps– But I feel the need to release these to the vast great internet anyway, because it’s amazing what people are making and doing.

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Argyle Space Whale

March 11, 2011
argyle space whale watercolor painting by artist michelle christina

This little space whale painting was submitted for the ArtPM Challenge at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine. (If you’re local to the area, the show opening is tonight!)