Oh, Snow!

February 2, 2011

WInter Landscape Photo By Artist Michelle Christina

Photo snapped in Rochester, NH.


January Acrylics

January 16, 2011
oranges still life acrylic painting by NH artist michelle christina

apple acrylic painting by NH artist michelle christina

January already? I’ve blasted through any resolutions I might have had. Except for making more time for painting + drawing. I have lots of acrylic paint and large canvases hanging around my studio that I’ve been trying to work with. I’ve realized two things: I prefer smooth papers and boards to the texture of canvas & while acrylic paint was once my favorite medium to work with.. I think that might be changing. Click through to see a few photo snippets of recent projects.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

December 21, 2010

Have you seen this film? Exit Through The Gift Shop, a documentary produced by British stencil artist Banksy. I just watched it via Netflix recently and if you are interested in art at all, I’d recommend seeing it. Some nice clips of a few well known street artists getting up, some interesting ideas on the state of the art market, artist notoriety & the “hype machine”.


Holiday Shipping

December 14, 2010

snowflakes falling

If you are planning on placing an order from my shop & need it in time for Christmas, please order by Sunday, Dec. 19th!

The US Postal Service has set a cutoff date of Dec 21st for Priority Mail (domestic shipments only) to be delivered by Christmas. So, if you place your order by the 19th, I’ll make sure your items are in the mail by the 21st. I usually ship via First Class Mail, but from now until the 21st, I’ll be upgrading every shipment to Priority mail, for no extra charge! (This includes shipments within the USA only).

If you’re a super last minute shopper & end up missing the deadline for the 19th – feel free to send me an email, I might be able to accommodate & have your order shipped via Express Mail or another expedited shipping service.

Click here to check out the USPS holiday shipping schedule.

You can enter my shop here or if you have any questions you can contact me here.


Holiday Season

December 7, 2010

gingerbread man ornament hanging on christmas tree
The tree is up! I can’t believe it’s December & so close to the end of 2010. Seems like this year flew by. I’m planning to start (and hopefully finish!) my Christmas shopping tomorrow. :-)


Fields Watercolor Study

November 30, 2010

I’m not ready to concede that it’s almost winter just quite yet — so here’s a new autumn landscape painting & a few photos of the piece while in progress. Read on to see more.

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Cranberry Apple Pie Recipe

November 24, 2010

pick your own apples

cranberry apple pie dessert recipe

cranberry apple pie recipe

If you’re in need of a last minute pie recipe for your Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow, I can vouch for the tastiness of this recipe: Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie. (I cheated & used store bought pie crust – but it was still a crowdpleaser.)  :-)