Beer Cap Initial – A Lasercut Bottle Cap Display

March 14, 2016
beer cap initial art

Whipped up a little (read: way too big) beer cap project the other day. Ben & I are avid beer drinkers (and brewery tour-ers) & I’ve been collecting caps for a while now, so we had quite a few ready to go.

This beer cap initial letter was laser cut from 1/4″ birch plywood. It’s mounted on the wall with standoffs, which allows for just enough space for caps can be pressed into it from the back.  This thing is pretty massive – maybe 3′ tall? I believe there are over 250 slots (woo!).

See process photos after the jump.

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Glasses Be Gone

March 11, 2016

Exactly 4 weeks ago today, I underwent a custom lasik procedure. Today I am hovering around 20/20 in both eyes. 4 weeks and one day ago, I was 20/400 in both eyes. That’s the equivalent of only being able to read the big “E” on the eye chart. Yowza.  I’m still getting used to waking up with clarity.


Revival 2.0 & A Cat

March 9, 2016
mojo kitty cat sketch

I’ve acquired an Apple Pencil & Ipad Pro. First sketch is, of course, my [beloved] cat. Created in the Adobe Sketch app.  Drawing with this combination of hardware/software feels pretty natural. I’ve not downloaded any other drawing apps as of yet, but I would love to find one that supports layering or vectored output in smart way.


Franconia Notch, NH & An Anniversary To Celebrate

October 16, 2013
The Flume New Hampshire

This weekend we celebrated our first anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been a year already. Amazing. We spent some time up in the White Mountains, NH. Visiting The Flume & hiking through the Cannon Mountain rim trail. We stayed in an itty bitty cabin in the woods by the Pemi river. Drove down the ever scenic Kanc (read: Kangamangus Highway) & of course stopped for beverages at Woodstock Brewery. All my favorite things. A few snaps of our trip included below.



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October 11, 2013
New Hampshire Fall Leaves


Best Season // Best Weather // Best Color


Fair Weather

September 30, 2013

It is currently the very best time of year in New England. Fall. So far I have picked 1 large bag of apples, traipsed through a variety of wooded areas and attended 2 fairs. I’m a huge fan of fair season. As a younger person I went for the rides. As an adult I steer clear. I’m more interested in the people watching and the agricultural aspect (read: petting the farm animals).

A few snaps from the Deerfield Fair:

r deerfield fair tickets nh 2013 by michelle christinadeerfield fair nh 2013 by michelle christina

deerfield fair nh 2013 photo by michelle christina deerfield fair nh carnival rides by michelle christina  deerfield fair nh 2013 photo by michelle christina

Believe it or not, there’s an exceptional amount of interesting design going on in the world of concessions

Wild looking vendor booths and trailers hitched up to look like mini restaurants. I am a huge fan of what I perceive to be down home signage and indie biz branding. Slapstick logos mixed with handpainted letters & interesting substrates formed into unique props.  Case and point: deerfield fair nh photo by michelle christina

Love this! What is it – foam piping? hoses? Looks like epic french fries.

deerfield fair nh signs photo by michelle christina

This spuds for you!

deerfield fair nh 2013 photo by michelle christina

The muffin man cafe – and excellent example of a well thought out vendor booth – nice looking color scheme, cohesive signage and a the perfect amount of inviting fall decor accents.



September 23, 2013


It has been slightly more than 2 years since my last blog update. I’ve decided a revival is in order.  During this intermission, I was lucky enough to marry the dude of my dreams (we eloped!). We also started a small creative studio together that created a whirlwind of epic busyness and excitement. Growth, love, opportunity. These are truly amazing times.



Humanizing The Web

August 24, 2011

I stumbled upon this interesting website a bit ago & thought I’d share: Self Described as an exploration in human emotion on a global scale, this web app essentially crawls the social web searching for emotion based statements. They are all pulled out & compiled in a nifty little interactive interface. I’ve taken screenshots of a few statements that I loved, but there were zillions more to look through. You should check it out.